Cute Corgi Pictures

If you have cute Corgi pictures that you’d like to see in the gallery below, please send them along!  My goal is to have a gallery full of adorable Corgi pictures, not just of Bling.

Cute Corgi pictures

“Got any cute Corgi pictures?”

Since they are your pictures, any picture you send me will not have the copyright on it and can be of any size.  I can also attach a photo credit for you if you would like.  Please go to the About This Site for information about contacting me and sending pictures.  Thank you for viewing and enjoy the gallery!

Pictures with the copyright have all been personally taken by Bling.  She would allow you to use them on your website if you agree to keep the watermark/copyright in view and link the image to  Bling prefers to shoot with Canon products in RAW format, but does not endorse any one brand.  As you can see from the picture featuring her equipment, she can be a bit camera shy from time to time.  Bling is always on the lookout for America’s next top corgi.  She highly encourages cute corgis out there to send along their pictures/glamour shots!

Click on a picture below to view it in full size.


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