Support The Site

Thank you for visiting!  It’s amazing to think that in just a couple of years we’ve gone from a site that no one visits, to about 1,000 visitors each month (and counting!).  That support alone is AMAZING!  We here at HQ like to think that we provide a bit of Corgi support and help support Corgis.  You can too!

A great way you can support this site in addition to visiting is to send me pictures of your Corgis!  We love sharing pictures of Corgis from all corners of the country (we haven’t received any international Corgis as of yet).

You can also visit our zazzle store to get an bumper sticker (see a real version here) or Bling’s own calendar (which was made in protest when she was snubbed by another Corgi calendar).

As you may have noticed, the website does feature some advertisements that Google thinks directly targets you.  Maybe they do, maybe they don’t…  ;)


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