Corgi FAQs

Corgi FAQs and Facts:


"Got a question about corgis?"

“Got a question about corgis?”

1.  Do Corgis have tails?

More like nubbins or stubs!  Yes, Corgis do have tails that are either short or bobbed.  When they get really excited you can sometimes see the nubbin wagging.

2.  How many Corgis does the Queen of England have?

Queen Elizabeth has three corgis named Monty, Willow and Holly.  She also has three dorgis (dachshund-corgi mixes) named Cider, Candy and Vulcan.  This gives her exactly 4.5 corgis.

3.  Are Corgis smart?

Yes, maybe even too smart.  Stanley Coren, a professor of psychology and author of “Intelligence of Dogs,” ranks Corgis as the 11th most intelligent dog – able to understand new commands in 5-15 repetitions and obey the first command 85% of the of time or better.  Bling volunteers at an after school program teaching gifted students particle physics.

4.  Do Corgis shed?

Definitely.  Corgis have a double coat with  medium length hair.  They regularly shed and will blow out their coat in the spring and fall.  Our house can look like the wild west with dust balls blowing around.

5.  Are Corgis good with young children?

Absolutely.  Bling is fantastic with children.  However, each individual Corgi certainly could be different and would need to be trained from a young age to be around children.  Corgis have an instinct to herd and may have their instincts tested with a running child.

6.  What do all those letters next to a Corgi’s AKC registered name mean?

Titles before the name include:

  • Ch. means a Champion of the breed (looks like they are supposed to look)
  • CT Champion Tracker
  • DC Dual Champion (CH & FC)
  • HC Herding Champion
  • MACH Master Agility Champion
  • OTCH Obedience Trial Champion
  • TC Triple Champion (CH, FC & OTCH)

Titles after the name include:

  • AX Agility Excellent
  • CD is the beginning title of obedience work, Companion Dog.
  • CDX Companion Dog Excellent
  • HI Herding Intermediate
  • HS Herding Started
  • HT Herding Tested
  • HX stands for Herding Excellent, A course (small arena), for sheep and ducks.
  • MX Master Agility
  • NA Novice Agility
  • NAJ are Agility titles, Novice Agility and Novice Agility Jumpers, which are both beginning titles.
  • NOC National Obedience Champion
  • RN stands for Rally Novice, a very fun sport that is like a cross between obedience and agility.
  • OA Open Agility
  • TDInc. is a registration with Therapy Dogs Incorporated, a therapy dog can go to schools, hospitals, and nursing homes, “Sharing Smiles and Joy.”TD Tracking Dog
  • TDX Tracking Dog Excellent
  • VCX means Versatile Corgi Excellent, an award offered by the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America.
  • VST Variable Surface Tracker

7.  Where Do Corgis Come From?

Wales of course!  For a detailed discussion on the history of the breed, with possible ancestral breeds, please read this detailed post.


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