Board of Directors

Meet The Board of Directors Dogrectors

Chief Executive Officer: Bling

Bling board of directors

After graduating from Harvard Business School, Bling was involved in numerous internet startups such as and, but nothing truly inspired her.  She felt she just couldn’t connect with the startup  She bounced around from Fortune 500 company to Fortunate 500 company for a time before finding her passion –  She’s been CEO ever since.  Bling’s goal is to make the premier Corgi website in the world and a globally recognized brand of Corgi excellence.


Chief Financial Officer: Lexxie

Lexxi Board of directors

Everyone knows Border Collies are the most intelligent breed of dog, so Lexxie was a natural for the CFO position.  A graduate of Dog School with a double major in applied mathematics and agility training, Lexxie got her start with only recently.


Other Board Members:


Beckett Board of directors

Beckett’s friendship with Bling dates back well before the birth of and therefore, despite being a Labrador Retriever, was invited to the Board of Directors via a special waiver from the SEC.


Jed Board of directors

Jed brings quite a bit of energy and street sense to the Board Of Directors at  Though his background is uncertain, what is certain is his willingness to allow Bling to chase him around.


wes board of directors

Wes is a Tennessee Coon Hound, born, raised, and educated in the Volunteer State.  Now he volunteers his time for and likes to grab donuts and bagels from the boardroom table.

***** Intern: Eli


In order to be the best, you have to intern for the best, and that is Eli’s goal.  Willing to do just about anything (except pee outdoors and not eat shoes), Eli’s youthful enthusiasm as the intern has turned the heads of many a board member – particularly Beckett.  Though only weeks old, he’s already as big as the CEO.