Meet Lily, the Corgi Of The Month!

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

My Name Is Lily

Meet Lily, the Corgi Of The Month for July, 2016 and the creative inspiration for what is perhaps the most incredible Corgi Pillow ever designed (see below).  Now, July is my favorite month though I suspect, given the heat, it may not be the favorite month of many Corgis.  Lily just turned 12 this past month, making her a senior (and dignified) member of

Lily, the corgi

Meet Lily, the Corgi of the month

Here is what her own, Carrie, has to say about Lily:

“She’s the most affectionate, and gentle dog I’ve ever had. We got her when she was 5 from a breeder who used to show her dog shows. She’s had 2 liters of her own and now her daughter and grand daughter have had puppies too! Her 12th birthday was this month and she now is a great grandmother! Lily’s favorite hobby is making friends with any human who she comes in contact with. She also likes to naps around the house in bathrooms, on couches, and in her bed. She enjoys walks, chewing on her dinosaur and riding in the car. I love her more than words can describe and want to wish her a happy birthday!”

Lily the pembroke corgi

Hi there!

We too wish Lily a (belated) happy birthday from!  It sounds like Lily and Bling have quite a bit in common – the lounging on bathroom floors, presumably to stay cool, the taking naps, and of course the care rides.

Carrie also wanted to pass along to information about her Etsy Shop featuring one of a kind, hand painted gifts in addition to home decor based off of original artwork.  There is everything from unique painted purses to earrings, to made to order pillows that feature my art and painted ballet flats that can be custom designed!    There is of course at least one item that caught’s eye:

Now, as a fine connoisseur of Corgi merchandise, we here at felt that we had already seen every awesome Corgi pillow.  In fact, we thought that we had already blogged about it here.  Boy, were we wrong.  Carrie’s original Corgi pillow puts all other Corgi pillows to shame!  Check it out at her Etsy site!

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