Spoiler Alert: My Prayers Have Been Answered (Sort Of). The Herding Group: 2014 Westminster Dog Show Results Recap

Spoiler Alert!  ilovecorgis.com is in full rejoice mode after the Herding Group stage.  I’m proud to say that a Corgi will be representing the Group for Best In Show (airing tonight).  Now, I’m not going to lie, this site has always been a bit partial to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Breed, and has at times overlooked the Cardigan Corgis.  No longer!

Last night, GCH Riverside Telltail Coco Posh, a 5 year old Cardigan Welsh Corgi, took home first place in the herding group.  Her picture is below:

2014 westminster dog show results: GCH Riverside Telltail Coco Posh

GCH Riverside Telltail Coco Posh
From: http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/2014/photos/group/DN24131501.html

Now that is one fine bitch if you ask me…ok, for the record, Westminster lists Coco Posh as a bitch, so if they can say it, I can say it.

Cardigan Corgis of the world, ilovecorgis.com apologizes to you for neglecting you all these years.  After the stunning win of Coco Posh, we at ilovecorgis.com HQ promise to never let that happen again.  We must unite the Corgi factions once and for all to claim what is rightfully ours – a 2014 Westminster Dog Show Best In Show ribbon!

Sadly, neither the Pembroke Corgi named GCH Aubrey’s Moon River nor the Border Collie named GCH Tang Dynasty Rocky claimed one of the remaining top three spots.  Though Westminster doesn’t give out 4th and 5th place prizes for the group, I have no doubt that they came in 4th and 5th respectively.

2014 westminster dog show results: GCH Aubrey's Moon River

GCH Aubrey’s Moon River
From: http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/2014/photos/breed/DN28425003.html

2014 Westminster Dog Show results: GCH Tang Dynasty Rocky, the Border Collie

GCH Tang Dynasty Rocky
From: http://www.westminsterkennelclub.org/2014/photos/breed/DN35937801.html

For footage of the complete judging of Pembroke Welsh Corgis Best In Breed for the 2014 Westminster Dog Show, view below:  (Warning: I was almost overwhelmed by Corgis watching this.  I said almost.)

One thing I will note is a distinct anti-tri-color bias amongst these Corgis.  It’s a reflection on the judges, not the Corgis themselves.  Bling is planning a tri-color revolution as we speak but for now, we’re just waiting with supreme anticipation for tonight’s 2014 Westminster Dog Show results, pulling strongly for GCH Riverside Telltail Coco Posh!

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