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Meet Tony, The Featured Corgi For November

Meet Tony, Tony Soprano, a Tri-Color Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  His full name is Tony Soprano The Gangster Dawg.  I’m not sure if that is an official AKC registered name or not, but thank you Mary for send along a picture … Continue reading

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Corgis Are An Endangered Breed? Say It Isn’t So!

This is an emergency broadcast.  Corgis are slowly going extinct in their native homeland of Great Britain.  They are becoming an endangered breed.  Here at headquarters, we just reached DEFCON 1 (yes, I checked, it’s the highest level). … Continue reading

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That’s Right, just passed 20,000 visits!

Well, we didn’t quite hit 1,000 visits for October (we came oh so close in the low 900 range), but just yesterday the site surpassed the 20,000 visit mark.  Bling and Lexxie look clearly bored by all this popularity, but … Continue reading

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