Remember That Corgi Sign From The Other Day?

Remember that Corgi sign from the other day?  If you don’t remember, check out the post, and the sign:

Well, someone really cool and really funny posted an awesome review on  I wonder who that could be? review of Corgi Sign

If you can’t read the review above, you can visit the actual link.  Text is also below:

I’ll be honest, I don’t live in a good part of town. I live on the wrong side of the tracks, where you can’t go out after dark, where the rule of the gun is the rule of law and where broken bottles, chalk outlines of bodies and worse litter the streets, sidewalks and front lawns. Well that’s all changed since I put up this Corgi sign. Thanks to the sign, and my 25 pound Corgi, now children play daily on the sidewalk doing hopscotch and such. An open hydrant has become a beautiful fountain, not an eyesore. Since taking my beater of a station wagon off the cinder blocks in the front lawn, nailing this sign to a 4″ by 4″, and letting my Corgi patrol the front yard, the neighborhood has had a 180 degree turnaround. Thank you!



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