Warning: This Corgi Youtube Post Is Hilarious

First, a shout out to my friends Mike and Alison, whose amazing Corgi cinematography made these Corgi Youtube videos possible.  This really should generate some Oscar buzz.

Now, a little background.  The now famous Corgi Flop on Youtube is perhaps one of the main reasons I love Corgis so much.  It has almost 9 million views, and I’m responsible for at least a thousand of them.  I even posted about it over a year ago.  It’s my favorite Corgi Youtube video of all time.  It’s my favorite Youtube video of all time.  Until now.

That’s right, Bling is a certified Corgi Flop Artist!  For the past 3 years we’ve been trying to get Bling to jump off our dock into the water.  We’ve tried cajoling, bribing, and finally just pushing her in.  But she hasn’t done it until now.  I don’t know if it was the crowd of people (Bling always like to entertain) or Lexxie, the new dog, who she had to show who was boss.  But either way, one cool day in August, Bling took the proverbial leap.  And there’s no going back.  We have video evidence, and there is a new Corgi Youtube sensation in the making.

In addition to The Flop, she can also dive! (sort of).  Notice too how Bling has her lifejacket on.  She’s always been in favor of water safety and made sure not to consume any food or beverages before her swim.  The only thing that cramped up was her jaw – from all the barking!

Her main motivation for doing the Corgi Flop and becoming an instant Corgi Youtube sensation? That’s right, a stick.  We didn’t even need the Chuckit ball to lure her in.

But perhaps the most touching, heartwarming video is Bling jumping fearlessly into the water to save her “drowning” owner – me. We love you Bling, even if you wouldn’t hack it as a lifeguard.

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  1. Dasp says:

    Call Hasselhoff, it’s time to bring Bay Watch back.

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