Let It Be Decreed!

scrollIf the type is too small (and yes, that’s a paw print on the scroll):

Welcome to the New and Improved ilovecorgis.com

Ok, now that the beta testing has been completed by the ilovecorgis.com software engineers, and the legal and compliance departments have signed off on project code named “Omega,” we can now fully unveil the new ilovecorgis.com site.  I know a few blog posts have appeared post-transfer, but this is now the real deal.  It’s so real, I’ve printed written it on this ancient scroll, sealed it in a vacuum container and placed it in my time capsule.

First, the wordpress.org training wheels have been taken off and the site is entirely self run.  It’s been running smoothly and seemlessly for about 10 days now.  Only another 100,000 more to go.  Second, I hope to make the site self sufficient thanks to a few Google ads that you see on the site.  My goal for the site is to generate the vast sums of money necessary (about 4 dollars a month) to pay for the hosting service.  Now, Google tells me that I can’t ask you to click on links and I can’t promise you anything in return if you do.  That’s true.  But, Bling, through mind tricks can beg you click on the link ads, and she has been promised numerous treats for all the vast wads of cash she will undoubtedly generate.  If these mind tricks work anywhere nearly as effectively as her mind tricks to convince me to give her a treat, I’m confident of the outcome.

With regards to the ads, consider this a disclaimer: I do not choose what appears.  That advertisement for an escort service in Timbuktu you see is because you must have been searching for “related content” at some point on your computer…and Google is watching.  Nice try blaming us.  Please do not interpret anything that appears as an advertisement on ilovecorgis.com as any type of endorsement.  I’ll tell you when Bling likes something (bones and treats for example) and when she doesn’t (such as days without walks).  And no, we won’t be hawking online viagra prescriptions or banking deals from Nigeria either.

Now keep calm and corgi on.





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