Is This A Peruvian Corgi?

On our first day of hiking in Peru, we spotted a dog who had many traits similar to Bling – short legs, long body, an innocent face, and the desire to do tricks for treats.  We weren’t sure if he was a corgi mix or not.  His face looked corgi-ish, but he had a waggy tail and floppy ears.  He looked the most like a corgi of any Peruvian dog we spotted.  What do you think?

"Am I a corgi?"

“Am I a corgi?”

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4 Responses to Is This A Peruvian Corgi?

  1. Michael Lerner says:

    Would a Peruvian corgi be a pergi or a corgu?

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  2. Little Miss Pudgy Paws says:

    It is hard to tell from the picture, but he does look like there is one of the acrondoplasic breeds was in the recent past. Sure a cute little guy. Tiniest bit gordo, and looks quite loved, yes? Rebecca & Little Miss Pudgy Paws.

  3. Hi there, I’m from Perú and that is not a corgi at all, it’s just a cute little dog.

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