Yep, The Herding Group Is My Favorite Group

Here’s some “footage” from the Herding Group at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show (Bling’s group!):


Check out the Pembroke shot at the 14 second mark and the Cardigan shot at the 24 second mark. Note: the comment about the border collie was not made by Bling or the creator of It was made by a dog loyalist, spaniel lover, and Bling benefactor. Bling has forgiven her.

Yeah, we get it, herding dogs herd. Thanks commentator.

Here’s Bling learning about Pembrokes. She would have taken notes, if only she could hold a pen.

All about Cardigans, since they sometimes are overlooked on, here’s a special shout out.

Things I did not know (but am glad to learn):
1. Cardigans are one of the oldest dog breeds in Great Britain. Definitely cool, now let’s get them their proper due at the Westminster Dog Show!
2. Pembrokes go as far back as the 10th century. My prior research had suggested the 12th century as the more likely origin, but I will defer to Westminster, they obviously know what they are talking about.

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