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Don’t Mess With The Royal Corgis

According to a recent “Daily Beast” article, the Queen’s royal corgis got into a little scrap with Princess Beatrice’s Norfolk Terrier.  According to reports, the dogs became “over-excited” and “began fighting amongst themselves.”  All the fighting occurred in a corridor … Continue reading

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Youtube is a wonderful thing

I couldn’t wait until next 4th of July to post this, and I particularly love those sungasses/goggles the corgi is wearing.   This, quite frankly, must be the best trained corgi of all the corgis I’ve ever stumbled across and … Continue reading

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This One’s For Dookster

I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely familiar with The Avengers, or Thor in general, but this is a pretty awesome costume.  The only problem I see with it is how a corgi could be expected to wield the giant hammer … Continue reading

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