Awesome Corgi T Shirt: Obtained

Hard Corg Corgi T Shirt

To answer everyone’s first question, yes, that amazing t-shirt model body is in fact mine.  You can stop drooling now.

Now, onto the t-shirt itself.  How cool is this?  That is definitely one bad ass corgi.  I mean, he’s got wicked shades on, he’s chillin’ on a skateboard (maybe hard core in the 1990s?) and he’s taking a drag from a cigarette.  Or is a blunt?  So, while I can’t condone smoking (for both humans and dogs), one thing is for sure – don’t mess with that corgi (or whoever is wearing the t-shirt).  And watch out for white and green lightning bolts.  Ordinarily, they would slow you down, but not if you’re hard corg.

I’m seriously considering tearing the sleeves off (since sleeveless t’s are about the only thing more hard core), donning some aviator sunglasses and going for a stroll through town right now looking for trouble…

PS: Thanks to my friends Sean and Katie for seeing this shirt, picturing me in it, and then laughing hysterically before purchasing it for me!  The shirt can be found at  Hey bustedtees, I want a cut of the inevitable bump in sales (Sean and Katie too)!  Can you say Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt?



UPDATE: If you thought this shirt looks good on me, wait until you see what it looks like on Bling!

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