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It’s the Flowbee, Corgi Style

Does anyone else remember the Flowbee – a “revolutionary” new way to cut your hair?  It was an informercial in probably the early ’90s (when I used to watch A LOT of bad television).  It was basically a vacuum cleaner … Continue reading

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Check out this CNN video about Yogi, one hard core corgi (he’s hard corg?) who almost blew his house up. Things I’ve learned from it are: 1.  Do not let Bling anywhere near anything flammable 2.  It’s good that Bling … Continue reading

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Bling gets a bath

After a particularly muddy walk, we decided that it was about time Bling bathed.  We couldn’t remember the last time she had a proper bath (hosing off outside not included) with actual soap and shampoo.  Then we remembered why exactly … Continue reading

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