Did Anyone Else Realize There Is A Totally Awesome Song Called “The Corgi?”

This Corgi pearl comes to ilovecorgis.com by way of Dan, newly promoted to Director of the Art and Music Department.  Our NY Bureau Chief put in a good word, and after Dan discovered a song, THAT’S RIGHT A SONG, called “The Corgi” the promotion really was a no-brainer.

According to the Washington Post, “The Corgi” by Sleaford Mods is the 20th best single of 2014.  Ilovecorgis.com might not be on the top 40 Corgi list, but we’ll be damned if Corgis can’t make it onto a musical top 40 list.

Sleaford Mods

Sleaford Mods: When It Comes to Corgis and Music, they mean business (from www.washingtonpost.com)

Now, thanks to the wonders of streaming (and to the Washington Post), ilovecorgis.com HQ has added this song to the repertoire of elevator music.  The subtle base and whiny pitched shouting now echoes in our outer lobby.  We’ve used company funds to purchase “The Corgi” on itunes AND Amazon.com.  Note: Amazon.com is 10 cents cheaper than Apple itunes, and ilovecorgis.com probably will get 1% of the 89 cent purchase if you click the Amazon link.  Hey, you have to support the arts when you can.  Sleaford Mods, you’re welcome.  Now if only our IT department could figure out how to play music in the background of a website, we’d be set.


A more formal review of the song is best saved for a later post, one that will allow us to dedicate our full attention to the lyrics, the harmony, and the true essence of the artistic masterpiece.  Let’s just say that the Washington Post deems it worthy of the following playlists: Best Songs of 2014 [now that’s a big honor!], Great Songs About Dogs [no denying that] and describes the song as “An irate British Man is shouting at you.”  And ilovecorgis.com would like to add that while some songs use cow bell, this song features the bark only reminiscent of Bling or other Corgis.

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ilovecorgis.com is back…with an axe to grind about the so-called “40 Most Important Corgis of 2014″

40 Most Important Corgis of 2014

First, ilovecorgis.com would like to announce that ilovecorgis nation is continually expanding.  In power, in global reach, and in sheer numbers.  Thus the site went on a brief hiatus as you may have noticed.  Don’t worry, we’re back…and now there is one more of us.

Now I hate to end the year with a final post that comes as a bit of a disappointment.  It is a terrible way to return from hiatus, but there was no other option.  Sadly, once again, ilovecorgis.com, and Bling herself, were not named on Buzzfeed’s 40 Most Important Corgis of 2014.  This has happened time and time again.  Bling felt very confident after successful philanthropic campaigns and even a recent offer to do a wedding pro-bono.  After the list came out this year, Bling called an emergency executive-level meeting.  Here at ilovecorgis.com, to be brutally honest, heads rolled.  The entire PR department was sent packing.  No golden parachutes were dispensed, no one passed go and no one collected $200.

Ilovecorgis.com would like to make clear that it in no way wishes to disparage the 40 fine corgis featured as the 40 most important Corgis of 2014.  You don’t rise up by bringing others down and Bling always stays positive (except for the slackers who formerly worked for the PR department).  If it’s been said once, it’s been said a million times here at ilovecorgis.com HQ: Corgnelius is probably the best Corgi name in the history of Corgis.  And the fact that he has a Corgi friend named Stumphrey is well, highly fitting.  Bling just hopes and longs for the opportunity to share a spot with all these fine Corgis in 2015.  Fingers and paws crossed, particularly if you were just hired to the ilovecorgis.com PR department.

40 Most Important Corgis of 2014

Let’s finish up this post on a positive note with a 2014 ilovecorgis.com recap:

1.  For the year, 51 posts were added to the ever growing library of Corgi knowledge comprised in 246 total posts.

2.  Though Buzzfeed apparently disagrees, ilovecorgis.com is expanding its global reach.  For the year people in 92 different countries visited the site.  The UK was the top international viewer with Canada and Australia with the next most views.  The Brits and their former territories really have a thing for Corgis.  Brazil came in with the fourth most international views – it certainly is an emerging market!

3.  For the year, the site had just under 12,000 visits, slightly less than 2013.  However the most visits in a month for the history of the site was set in October of 2014 with 1,785, and the most popular day of all time was set with 166 visits (not surprisingly on October 26th).

4.  Shareholders in ilovecorgis.com stock can expect a dividend in 2015.  After consultation with Lexxie, the accounting department has determined it will be beneficial from a tax standpoint to realize certain capital gains in 2015 as opposed to 2014.  Stay tuned.

So in closing, ilovecorgis.com wishes everyone and every Corgi a happy new year…


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Official Corgi Craigslist Response From ilovecorgis.com

There has been a lot of buzz in the North American Corgi world regarding a particular Corgi Craigslist post looking to hire a bunch of Corgis for a wedding ceremony.  Other, lesser blogs, such as Jezebel have already weighed in.  Now the editorial division of ilovecorgis.com knew it had to offer perspective, we just didn’t want to rush into it.  So, after much discussion and thought, here is Bling’s official response:

Dear fellow Corgi owner,

I am writing in response to your Craigs List post “Looking for six corgi rental for wedding (southie).”  I am the proud talent manager of a well known tri-color Corgi, who headlines the internationally renowned website www.ilovecorgis.com.  Bling, as she is known around the world, would be happy to make a guest “celebrity” appearance at your wedding.  Bling has significant wedding experience, having been featured in my own wedding a few years ago (see below).

Corgi Craigslist post

Bling normally charges for such celebrity appearances, but would be happy to be featured in your wedding for a nominal donation to a mutually agreed upon Corgi rescue or shelter.  Sadly, as she does not have an entourage, her manager (myself) can only offer you the services of a single Corgi.  For additional information about Bling’s relevant experience, additional pictures, and bio please check out her website: www.ilovecorgis.com.  Her formal CV can also be found on linkedin.com.

Now before she definitively commits to an appearance, Bling herself has a few questions for the bride: 

1.   Do you have a preference for bi-color or tri-color Corgis?  Bling herself is a tri-color but has no problems appearing with two toned like dogs.

2.  We are operating under the assumption that you are looking for Pembroke Welsh Corgis.  If Bling could manage to round up a few Cardigan Corgis, would that do?

 3.  Bling has a strict clause in her appearance contracts that she be held by the bride, and no one lesser than the maid of honor.  She refuses to work with parents-in-law, second cousins, and the reject table set in the far corner of the room.

4.  DJ or band?  Bling can do dances and tricks for a small additional sum (mainly, a slice of cake). 

5.  You mention renting the Corgis for a “two and a half hour ceremony.”  That’s awfully long.  Would Bling be able to do a reading (or barking as it were)?

Let us know if this works for you.  Thank you.

-www.ilovecorgis.com Talent Management Department

We here at ilovecorgis.com are still waiting a response from the Corgi Craigslist poster.  Fortunately, the wedding isn’t planned for months…

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