You Haven’t Truly Lived Until You’ve Watched This Corgi Surfing Video

Corgis make excellent surfers due to their low center of gravity, fearlessness and, at least in Bling’s case, love for the water.  I think this surfer Corgi is a little nervous at first, but totally loves it by the end.  Hang 10!  (or 20?)

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Mark It Down: Corgi Diet Starts Immediately

The other day, I remarked that I thought Bling was looking a bit, how shall we say, rotund.  The last weight we could remember was a svelte 26 pounds but that was at least a year ago at her last Vet visit (after which we patted ourselves on the back that she hadn’t gained any weight in years).  A Corgi diet of her regular meals plus all the treats she can beg for and all the dead wild animals (snakes!!) she can eat has taken its toll.  My friends, the CEO of needs to go on a diet and it is starting today.  The days of a lean, mean, fighting Bling machine have come and gone.  Come to think of it, Bling was never mean, and still has the fight.  But the point is, her slender days have slipped away.  That’s right, at the Vet today, Bling clocked in at 31.6 pounds!  31.6!!

Not coincidentally, other members of the creative team are also getting a little long in the belt (as well as long in the tooth).  Maybe we all could use a Corgi diet.  The HQ is abolishing sweets, treats, and fatty meats.  No more donut snacks, second coffees, third coffees and donuts with coffee!  Board meetings will be held on treadmills and only salads will be served!

In somewhat related Corgi news, it turns out we confused Bling’s birthday and cheated her out of a year.  She’s not 9, she’s actually a more dignified 10 (and will be turning 11 in a few months).  This bombshell has ramifications throughout HQ.  Will Bling be forced out of her CEO position now that she’s approaching social security age?  Does the extra year excuse the extra pound (or two, or three)?  What does the fact that Bling is approaching geriatric status mean for the Corgi movement?

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How Much Does Bling Need This Dog T-Shirt?

Dog T-ShirtNow, in all seriousness, Bling has actually worn a cone before, and it wasn’t all fun and games.  She HATED it with a passion.  It severely hindered her access to her food bowl, her turning radius and cornering abilities were markedly impaired, and she wore the cone like a mark of shame.

But, if this dog t-shirt had been available during said cone-wearing time, Bling would have been sporting it day and night.

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