Just A Heart Warming Border Collie Hero Story

There are only a few things in life that you can count on.  Death.  Taxes.  And local news stations featuring heart warming features masquerading as “news.”  You now, the “late breaking” story of the little boy who found the bucket of cash and returned it to the rightful owner.  Or the headline about the Church Choir that raised enough money to travel to Panama to sing songs with destitute Panamanians.  Normally, I have no patience for local news for this exact reason (what can I say, I’m a cynical, cynical person).  But when that heart warming story on Channel 5 features a dog, particularly a Border Collie, well then I’m buying what Local Station XYZ is selling.

And, with that intro, here’s a heart warming tale of the heroic stray Border Collie named Angel who saved a little girl from being struck by a car…as told by a few neighbors and bystanders, and a news reporter just pining for his Pulitzer.


So there you have it, a Border Collie hero story, fresh from the front page of the local newspaper, ripped from the headlines if you will.

Now I’ll be honest.  I don’t consider bravery to be one of Lexxie’s top 10 attributes.  Not even one of her top 20 attributes.  We at ilovecorgis.com HQ like to joke that if we were ever attacked by a bear during our walks in the woods, Lexxie would run away while Bling would stay by our side.  Lexxie of course, would return to find our mauled corpses, and we have no doubt that she would be very sad.  Her loyalty, after all, isn’t in question.  She would definitely lick our lifeless bodies, whimper in hopes of reviving us, but alas, we would be dead.  Bravery does not define Lexxie as it may for Bling.  So it is rather shocking to discover the bravery, nay, the heroism, exhibited by one of Lexxie’s brethren.

Border Collie Hero

I’m No Hero

Bravo Angel, Bravo.  You are now an honorary Corgi.  Brave, Loyal and A Herder.

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Corgis Are The Bravest Dogs, Period

Look, it isn’t easy being a 25 pound dog, tasked with hearding creatures that are 40-50 times larger than you.  But, Corgis are always up to the challenge.  Pound for pound, the bravest dogs I’ve ever seen, here’s a picture of Bling going toe to toe (or head to toe as it were) with a beefy (pun!) cow!

Bling going up against a Cow

The Bravest Dog (Pound For Pound)

Now, Bling’s exploits against violent, semi-wild cats have already been documented.  This picture documents her attempt to herd a cow.  Fearless as ever, even at the ripe young age of 10, Bling charged head on into the cow field, barking incessantly (of course), until the cow backed down.  And she (the cow) did.  She’s the bravest dog I know.

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Meet Bella, the ilovecorgis.com Featured Corgi of the Month!

Meet Bella, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy!  Thank you Rebecca for passing the pictures along, it looks like Bella is having a ton of fun!

Featured Corgi - Bella

Corgi Sprawl of Featured Corgi

“Look at me sprawl!”


Corgi relaxing

Nice and relaxed

Meet Bella!

Meet Bella!

And since Bella is our only featured Corgi so far this year, let’s go ahead and consider her our Featured Corgi for this month, last month, the month before that and even the month before that!  Way to go Bella!

At ilovecorgis.com HQ, we know another dog named Bella.  Our friend Bella, as a French Bulldog, is just a tad bit larger than Rebecca’s Bella but both like to have fun.

Corgi On!

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