Meet Jack, Our Feature Corgi for April!

Meet Jack a 7 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who hails from the United Kingdom, Corgis’ native land!  Jack is our first international Corgi on the site and at 7 years old is about the same age as Bling.  Robert tells us that Jack loves plowing (or ploughing) through the snow, so he’d fit right at home in England or New England.  Robert also laments about what has long feared – there aren’t many Corgis in the UK anymore.  Though we covered this in a previous post, it’s been confirmed by “paws on the ground” reporting from Jack.  Well Jack, you’re welcome to peruse this site to your heart’s content, and visit Corgis stateside any time!


Meet Jack, the featured Corgi for April, 2014

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The Corgis Are In The Finals, The Corgis Are In The Finals!

Only about 12 hours left to vote in the American Kennel Club’s Thrilling 32 Dog Bracket.  Vote here for Corgis!  We are faced off against German Shepherds!


I’m pretty sure this picture is not to scale.

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Corgis vs. Huskies, Who Do You Think We Voted For

There are less than 12 hours to vote in the American Kennel Club’s dog bracket.  Corgis are pitted against Huskies in the FINAL FOUR!  Click here to vote!



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