Why We Love Corgis

Ok, I know this video of why we love Corgis appeared on Buzzfeed, but this can’t not (yes, double negative!) be posted on ilovecorgis!  A “Why We Love Corgis” video is the essence of this site.  Consider this a mission statement!  The video is great with the two highlights being:

1.  The Corgi getting tossed into the lake in slow motion.  Bling would never stand for that though I suspect deep down she would kind of enjoy it.

2.  Learning there is a Corgi named Don Corg-leone.  I thought Corgnelius was perhaps the best Corgi name…but now he’s got a run for his money.

If I love Corgis (.com) and You love Corgis (.com?) then can we all just agree that WE LOVE CORGIS (.com or no .com)


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Westminster Herding Group 2015: Annual Corgi Snub Edition

As we’ve come to expect from the Westminster Kennel Club, another Westminster Herding Group judge has laid to waste the undeniable superiority of Corgis and instead selected a non-Corgi to represent the Group for Best In Show (airing tonight!).  In what has become an annual tradition at ilovecorgis.com, let’s try our best to recap the Westminster Herding Group 2015 travesty.

Representing the Herding Group tonight for Best In Show will be GCH Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect, an almost 4 year old Old English Sheepdog:

GCH Bugaboo's Picture Perfect Old English Sheep Dog

GCH Bugaboo’s Picture Perfect
Old English Sheep Dog

Second through fourth place were won by a Bouvier Des Flandres (?!?), an Australian Shepherd, and a German Shepherd.

Bling is in shock.  While she loves running with a pair of German Shepherds at the dog park, and Lexxie’s best dog park friend is an Australian Shepherd, Bling can only feel the sting of another lost year for the Pembroke Corgi world.  And for the record, there is a dog in that Bouvier Des Flandres photograph, it isn’t just a black spot.

Does the Sheepdog Bugaboo have undeniable fluffiness?  Of course.  Are Australian Shepherds agile and intelligent?  Definitely.  Do German Shepherds exhibit steadfast loyalty and a keen wit?  For sure.  But don’t fluffiness, agility, intelligence, loyalty and wittiness describe Corgis to a T (or C as it were).

So another year in the Westminster Herding Group has come and gone with Corgis left by the wayside.  Bling is exploring legal action.

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And Here’s The Pembroke Corgi Footage For The 2015 Westminster Dog Show

Look at the Corgis go!  I must say I am elated to see some tri-color Pembrokes in the field.

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