Corgi Tug Of War

This youtube video may just be the best Corgi video I’ve ever seen, and that’s saying something.  First, if you read that Washington Post article I posted a short while ago about dogs playing fair, this video is clear evidence of that.  The larger dog isn’t throwing his weight around in the game of tug-of-war.  Second, if you’ve ever doubted a Corgi’s toughness and resolve, just ask yourself, when was the last time you got into a tugging match with someone five times your size?  #CorgisNeverQuit or some catchy twitter tag like that.

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If I’ve Said It Once, I’ve Said It A Million Times: There Is Some Kind of Horse – Corgi Connection

corgi stuffed animal

I was in a horse shop the other day, more accurately called a tack shop, and stumbled across these Corgi stuffed animals.  I’m telling you, there is some kind of Horse-Corgi connection that still mystifies me.  Horse shows are a great place to meet Corgis, I’ve already covered that. And now horse shops.  Now, ordinarily I would have snatched up these two Corgis and dashed out of the store, or at least, emptied the stock room of all Corgi inventory, but since I already have a Corgi and a Corgi stuffed animal, I decided against a grab-and-dash shop lifting escapade.  Besides, I got our Corgi stuffed animal on and it was a tri-color.


PS: it’s my birthday this month and we’re hitting a 1,000 visits this month even if I have to blog daily…

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Run Bling, Run!

Not too shabby for an almost nine year old Corgi on a 90 degree day.  You know when her ears are pinned back like that, she’s aiming for maximum aerodynamics and really putting the peddle to the metal (or paw to the floor).


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