The Best Corgi Halloween Costumes The Internet Has To Offer

Look, isn’t just a Corgi conglomerate focused on fun and games.  Here at HQ it’s also about information and knowledge.  After careful, time consuming research, we can now unveil what are considered to be the best Corgi Halloween costumes seen on the internet.  And the good news is, there is still time to get some of these.

For the sci-fi crowd, there are Star Wars and Star Trek themed costumes.

Star Trek Corgi Halloween Costume

The USS Corgiprise, which plans to go boldly…everywhere.

Now the Ewok costume is a perfect Halloween costume in terms of simplicity, and quite frankly, Corgis are much like the Ewoks of this galaxy and not one far, far away.

In sticking with a movie-themed costume, how about Corgi-san from Karate Kid (or Karate Corgi?):

Karate Kid Corgi Halloween Costume

“Bring on Cobra Kai! They should be wary of my crane technique!”

Now, if you’ve ever spotted a Corgi standing on a dock post and sunset practicing the indefensible crane technique…well, I’ll just say if you’re lucky enough to snap a photo of it, please pass it along to, we’d love to see it.

This one is for Will:

Now, to get a bit historical, what about a Napoleon Costume?

This costume gets bonus points for accuracy as it is safe to say that Corgis may be known from time to time as having a Napoleon complex…

If you are a fan of Robin Hood, you might like:

And though Bling might not rob from the rich, she will certainly give to the poor, if by poor you mean her poor hungry belly.

But if you are a more law abiding individual with no desire for mischief:

This one might win some costume contests in Maine:

Lobster Corgi Halloween Costume

If you are a big fan of the “Where’s Waldo” books:

Waldo Corgi

“Where am I? I’m right here! Look down next time!”

This one also fits Corgis particularly well since Bling LOVES to hide in bushes.

And lastly, if you’re looking for an inexpensive, easy Corgi costume, and you’re going to a 21+ party, you could consider:

Bud Light Corgi Halloween Costume

“No, I’m not 21…wait, are you counting in dog years?”

Just don’t leave your Corgi as the designated driver.  Bling needs at least a few phone books on the seat, and wooden blocks on the pedals just to drive.  And, as Bling is not 21, she certainly does not endorse Bud Light or any other alcoholic product.  Have a happy Halloween!

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This Corgi Frisbee Video Is All Business

Now it appears that Corgi videos have caused a brief (or hopefully not so brief) uptick in the internet traffic.  Like any astute CEO with an ear to marketing and a paw on the pulse of society, Bling has immediately ordered more videos!  And thus I present a Corgi frisbee video:

It looks like this Corgi had a brief appearance on America’s Funniest Home Videos.  This makes him (or her) perhaps the most famous Corgi, Queen’s Corgis not included.  But Bling herself can’t help but admire the determination of this Corgi.  He’s saying, “What you won’t bend down and pick up the frisbee to throw it again?  Fine, here it is!”

Bling isn’t much for frisbees but she does the exact same thing with a tennis ball.  She’ll nudge it at you indefinitely until you HAVE to pick it up.  Then she’ll bounce around until you throw it.  If only we could teach her to toss it up to us, she’ll have one-upped this little guy in the Corgi frisbee video.  He’s honestly got the frisbee fling down to a science.  Here at HQ salute you frisbee-flicking Corgi and your passion and heart for the game of fetch.

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Has Anyone Not Seen The Corgi Pumpkin Video?

The network stretches far and wide.  Our New York Bureau Chief, Arianna, out on a top secret assignment, stumbled across this Corgi pumpkin video.  It’s perfect.

To be clear:

Corgis: 1, Pumpkins: 0

First, let’s consider that this Corgi puppy is only the size of the small pumpkin it seeks to battle in the video.  Like any Corgi however, he possesses the attitude and courage to take on an object as big as he is.  By comparison, I was once scared of a watermelon a quarter my size!  Once in grade school, a butternut squash stole my lunch money.  And don’t even get me started on Roald Dahl’s story “James and the Giant Peach”  That children’s book gave me nightmares through third grade!

Second, this Corgi does something that Bling does all the time when she’s playing or excited.  I’ve noticed that when Bling is most excited, or most eager to play, she’ll bounch up and down with her two front paws.  This is her way of getting Lexxie to play with her, let us know she really wants a walk, or just that it might be getting close to dinner time.

Third, it’s getting to be Corgi Halloween season, let the Corgi costumes roll!

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