It’s Bling’s Birthday! How About A Corgi Card!

First, I want to thank my colleague Amy for finding this special birthday card in a gift shop and buying it for me a while ago.  Now, I must dutifully re-gift this Corgi card to none other than CEO (see how effectively I can suck up to the boss!) Bling on her 9th birthday.

Corgi birthday card

Front of Corgi Birthday Card

Corgi Card

Inside of the Corgi Birthday Card

Back of Corgi Card

Back of Corgi Birthday Card (in case you wanted to compliment the printing company)

Now turning 9 this month means that Bling is officially considered a senior dog.  According to the vet, at 13, she’ll be a geriatric dog.  Fortunately, she’s still going strong and the Board of Directors at better not even think about offering her early retirement.

I’ve done a little bit of research into Paper Russells, the company that made this spectacular birthday card.  You can purchase one (or more) here.  And no, does not get any commission for the purchase.  The joy of imparting happiness to another Corgi owner with said birthday card is payment enough!

But wait!  Additional Corgi cards and other paraphernalia are available!

What about a set of box notes featuring a lounging Corgi:

Another Corgi Card

Another Corgi Card

Lounging on a red chair is Bling’s modus operandi, as discussed in a prior post.  Or perhaps, my favorite (and soon to be purchased) knick knack:

Corgi Magnet

A Corgi Magnet for the refrigerator!

There’s something about the crown, cape and royal pillow that this Corgi sits upon that fits perfectly for Bling and all other Corgis.  The Corgi attitude is captured perfectly!  Paper Russells, you make Hallmark look like some amateur hour arts and crafts gig, and your keen awareness to the Corgi market has not gone unnoticed.  In fact, here are all the Corgi results on their webpage, enjoy!

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If Bling And Lexxie Ever Had A Puppy Together, It Would Look Like This:

If you haven’t checked out Corgimixes yet, I highly recommend it.  There you can find pictures of what a Corgi would look like if it were crossed with just about any other breed.  I posted on this a while ago (warning: Corgi Husky mixes are off the charts awesome!) but that was before we adopted Lexxie.  Now, I might have to say that a Corgi – Border Collie mix is the cutest.  But I’m not biased or anything.

Corgi Border Collie Mix


Now the guy in the picture above looks a little more Border Collie than Corgi with the longer legs and classic black and white fur pattern.  I make out a little Corgi in the face and in the way he’s sitting on the ground.  Bling always shifts her hips to one side while sitting while Lexxie sits straight and upright on her bottom like she’s at attention.

Border Collie Corgi Mix


There’s no mistaking the Corgi in the puppy above!  The body, the ears!  The shaggy fur is all Border Collie (though not like Lexxie who is short haired) as is the fur pattern on the snout.  This guy must shed!

Corgi Border Collie mix puppy


I’d say this last picture is close to a fifty-fifty blend of Corgi and Border Collie.  The most even Corgi Border Collie mix I’ve seen.  An unmistakable Corgi face with the Border Collie color pattern.  Shorter legs but long tail.  Perfect!

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This Corgi Figurine Is The Coolest Thing Since Sliced Bread

Corgi Figurine

I’m not going to lie.  I don’t shoot photographs of figurines every day.  But sometimes you have to make exceptions, particularly when we’re dealing with Corgi figurines.  Check out this little plastic Corgi figurine that now proudly sits beside its solar powered brethren adjacent to the NORAD-level computer that powers the network.  With this majestic antique statue by my side, creativity just oozes and productivity has skyrocketed!

Corgi FigurineNo larger than your ordinary figurine, this die cast model is worth its weight in plastic material.  It is surely a one of a kind piece that was most likely handmade by a master craftsman generations ago.  I almost feel guilty keeping it on my desk and not in a museum somewhere.  This post will have to suffice for public dissemination.  Now all I need is a little spotlight to provide constant illumination on the little guy.  One of these days we’ll have to get a picture of Bling with all her Corgi accessories and paraphernalia.  If she could ever sit still long enough.

Corgi FigurineThank you David for giving me this rare, undoubtedly priceless piece of Corgi craftsmanship.  Check out David’s website too!



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