Here Goes Nothing: My 2015 Westminster Dog Show Press Pass Application

To sum it all up, I’ve spent the last two Westminster Dog Shows sitting on my couch, blogging about the blatant Corgi neglect at the event and envisioning a scenario where makes an appearance at the world’s pre-eminent dog sporting event.  Not this time.  Not for the 2015 Westminster Dog show.  It’s time to put my money (the cost of a stamp) where my mouth is (writing posts on this blog).  Here goes nothing.

Let me reveal my 2015 Westminster Dog Show press pass application:

2015 Westminster Dog Show Credentials Application

This looks pretty official

Now let’s review a few points of the application.  First, I didn’t know whether to list myself as a writer or photographer.  Unfortunately, “blogger” wasn’t an option – apparently the Westminster Kennel Club hasn’t entered the 21st century!  Personally, I think blogger is a more comprehensive title since I do all my own writing and photography.  I don’t have a team of people dedicated to prose and another team dedicated to imagery.  I’m a one stop shop.  I ended up selecting “photographer” since first and foremost I hope to get some great Corgi pictures.  Stories can come later.  I also checked “internet” to hedge my bet slightly.  I then doubly hedged my bets by listing “writer” as a credential.  Oops!

Here’s a question: does listing myself as my own editor add credibility?  Should I have listed Bling as my assignment editor instead?  After some negotiation, she has given me a daily food and lodging allowance while on assignment thanks to new revenue streams on  Also, I’m not entirely sure I’d call a publication, I think of it more as a holistic experience.  I hope the Westminster Kennel Club understands.

Perhaps my favorite question on the application however was, “Do you have a topic selected for your coverage this year?”  Um, how do you say…YES!  I want to see Corgis.  Lots and lots of Corgis.  Duh.

For the record, I will probably have to bury this post once I actually send in my application so you might want to bookmark it (like all my other posts you’ve undoubtedly bookmarked).  2015 Westminster Dog Show here we come!

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Corgi Toilet Training and Bathroom Humor

I honestly don’t know what to say about this Corgi toilet training video.  Is it funny?  Yes.  Is it bathroom humor?  Definitely.  I mean, I guess I never considered sharing the bathroom with Bling and I certainly didn’t know you could toilet train a Corgi.  But does a toilet trained Corgi pretty much defeat the purpose of this advertisement?  Is the next step teaching your Corgi to flush?  I would imagine it is a lot of work to train your Corgi to use the toilet and then you have that huge ramp cluttering up your bathroom…

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That Camry Commercial Corgi Post Was A Hit

On October 14th, revealed to the world that Corgis were in fact featured in the new Toyota Camry Commercial.  Much like when the Washington Post first broke the Watergate Scandal, there were countless hours of behind the scenes debate on how to reveal this bombshell.  Perhaps years from now it will be made into a movie.  A Press release?  A Press conference?  An Op-Ed in the (remaining) national major print newspapers?  After it was decided at the highest levels that print media was no longer the forum to expose this landmark discovery, a more contemporary medium was selected.  Hence the Camry commercial Corgi blog post.  Blogs and newspapers are pretty much the same these days now anyway.

And then the hits started coming.  Hits of course refer to visits and visitors to the site.  On day 1, only 7 people checked out the Camry commercial Corgi post.  Day 2 it was up to 23.  It has had as many as 71 visits in a single day and for the past two weeks, that one post has averaged 32 visits per day.  Of course visits to the Camry commercial Corgi post have spurned additional visits to other posts on the site as visitors have undoubtedly discovered the high quality content produced at  The public has spoken.  The groundswell of desire for Corgi information relating to affordable Japanese sedans is palpable.  Just wait until Honda figures this out and gets into the Corgi game.  The media and creative departments at are pulling overtime trying to keep up with demand.  No longer are Corgis just luxury dogs for the Rolls Royce crowd.  No longer are Cardigans cast to the wayside for their more popular Pembroke Corgi cousins.  Not if can help it.  Not on our watch.  A revolution is coming.

Camry Commercial Corgi

“My name is Bling and I approved this message.”

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